Getting Started


Jirlie is a digital business transformation and management solution owned by Neu Ocean Technologies, the World's leading technology startup, founded in the UK since 2022.

To get started, follow the coming steps;

- First of all, you need to have your Jirlie account using any of the signup methods available on the platform.

- Second, setup your business and have your business data listed on the Jirlie Directory for free.

- Third, select the product that suits you.

If you are a traditional business with basic / standard business requirements, it is highly recommended to choose between the available packages on subscription basis for Jirlie Cloud.

If your business needs further customisation, integration or special requirements and / or you are welling to host your data on your own cloud space, you may seek an offer from Neu Ocean Technologies for Jirlie Enterprise.

Digital transformation is an organization wide change and it does not happen without effort. Every change requires a leader to organize and energize the entire team towards implementation. The leader needs to be resilient in case something goes wrong .

In many organizations we have seen, the leader is most often the owner or a senior manager. In large size corporates, there is a trendy job position known as Chief Transformation Officer, Digital Transformation Director or something alike. In many cases Occasionally, the leader is an outsider who is hired for a particular purpose.

In either case, you must identify your leader first. Most likely it's you!