About Jirlie


Jirlie is the technology that ensures an easy going digital business transformation process. It empowers business runners to flourish, turn business Data into insights.

It is a full-featured digital business transformation and management solution that helps businesses to record all their business transactions in a single system. With Jirlie, businesses can make informed, fact-based, timely decisions to remain ahead in the competition. It serves as the backbone of a business adding strength, transparency, and control to your growing enterprise.

´╗┐Jirlie scales well from SMEs to even large enterprises. Jirlie is used by several retail chains in Africa as well as a highly regarded equities trading company in the Middle East with over a thousand employees.

Jirlie addresses some fundamental problems SMEs struggle with when managing their resources:

- Affordability: It is relatively cheap.

- Completeness: All necessary modules are available and integrated together.

- Customization: It is possible to customize and tailor to business needs.

- Efficiency: Computing requirements are relatively low.

- Wholesomeness: A single system and database that allows multiple users to record transactions or extract data simultaneously.